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The GOP is the Party of No Solutions... Republicans are betting on failure.

No thanks, I can remember the last decade of Bush Budget Deficits financed by Millionaire Tax Breaks where our government couldn't save a drowning American city & kept running gleefully into foreign misadventures... that party set the bar pretty high on the definition of failure and we would be crazy to re-create the mistake of electing them again.

America cannot afford these politicians that 'bet on the come' anymore.

John Boehner: We Can't 'Begin To Talk About Potential Solutions' Yet (VIDEO)

In an appearance on "Fox News Sunday" over the weekend, House Minority Leader John Boehner suggested that now is not the time to talk about finding solutions to vast problems that continue to plague the country. "It's time for us as Americans to have an adult conversation with each other about the s...

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