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"I am simply saying that some people hate Obama more than they love their country, which should be fair game considering the fact that Conservatives are constantly questioning my patriotism. They can dish it but they just can't take it, but that does NOT mean that both sides do it, that's false equivalence, there is a difference between a bully making fun of a gay kid and another kid calling the bully a bigot." ~ Jesse LaGreca
One day when I was in elementary school a bully beat me up because I was fat. I went home crying, and my dad asked me what was wrong. I told him about the bully and about getting beat up and he asked me if I knew how to throw a punch.

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  1. What is wrong with loving your country? Obama hates the US, just like his momma, dad, stepdad, moms boyfriend, his leftist professors, all of his friends and associates, all of his advisors, all of his supporters, his pastor, his czars, his dictator buddies, his socialist comrades in Congress, and his islamic terrorist supporters like bin laden, qadaffi, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Note that being an Obama supporter won't necessarily keep you alive if an election is coming up!