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Wow, I really need a google-alert on my name - Breitbart takes a shot at me ...

Comments are classic:
"Mr. Clayton sounds like a radical gay. They hate the tea party and good ole american folks and traditional living."
"S/B Dem ANAL-ist Blames Last Month’s Debt Ceiling Debate for ‘Tea Party Recession’"
"Line this guy up with others like him and bring out the Gatling gun LOL"

Palate cleanser comment: "I don't know who Ryan Clayton is, but I am sure he is smarter than the con artist and hacker Andrew Breitbart."

P.S. you know you're winning when they start attacking you.

We're not sure who Ryan Clayton is, but he is clearly an economic genius. After all, only a brilliant man like Mr. Clayton could figure out a way to blame the recession that ended two years ago on the debt ceiling debate that occurred one month ago.

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