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100 Proof Politics on Fox News 08.15.11

"First of all, it's not President Obama who crashed this economy - it was Wall St gamblers playing with our financial security and trying to make a quick buck cashing in the prosperity of America for the next 50 years so they could have enormous profits, windfall profits, & excessive CEO compensation. So we need to look at those folks and say they got a lot of this deal, maybe they need to put a little bit back into American prosperity. We could raise the tax rates as Warren Buffet has called for in saying the rich should pay their fair share too ... When those people start paying their fair share and when we start making corporations pay their fair share (which would be up to $100Billion/year), we could put that money directly back into a jobs program and we could put Americans directly back to work."
- Ryan Clayton of 100 Proof Politics

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