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100 Proof Politics confronts Andrew Breitbart w/ Tough Questions (racism, prostitutes, cocaine, oh my!)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ryan,

    You really made an ass of yourself. Your arguments are weak and you sound desperate too "expose" Brietbart. You have at least try to make a cogent argument man. Just asking ridiculous questions and shifting your line of questioning several times is exactky that "shifty". Man you stink.

    Jake D

  3. Anyone can claim to work for someone and say disparaging, disgusting things but without proof to back it up, it means nothing. Did you attack the man who claimed to work for Breitbart in the way that you attacked him and demand to see his credentials or ask him if he had a cocaine habit?

    If there's "nothing wrong" with "gay magazines" as you claim, why would you use that question as an attack in an interview? Would you do that to someone who IS openly gay?

    You brought up a question about cocaine based on Andrew Breitbart's comments about cocaine at The Sammies. The Daily Kos posted an edited video where they made it look like he was admitting to cocaine use. That was not the case.

    You got after someone else not to "physically accost" Breitbart and yet the entire time, you had your camera in his face. He answered all of your questions. Anyway with a brain can see that.

    You're a joke, your website is a joke, and I hope that you get sued for slander.

  4. Loved it. Ryan's questions about gay magazines and cocaine use didn't really matter. It was the beauty of the relentless hammering he was doling out to a subhuman who deserved a dose of his own medicine. Keep it up. Breitbart deserves this treatment wherever he goes. Hound him. Make that upper lip disappear entirely.

  5. Some people are focusing on the wrong thing. The reason he screamed the questions was purposely, it was so that Breitbart could finally get to be on the receiving end of "tough questions" and see how it feels. Breitbart has no problem with asking those questions of other people, but he is too much of a coward to answer them himself.

  6. Wow....even the lefty blogs are calling this Clayton clown a d-bag.

    You shoulda just hit him with purse, Ryan

  7. Dear Ryan,
    I'm Mike Wilson, the guy who stopped you from your physical assault of my friend Andrew. Your response (after screaming at and physically bumping Andrew) when I grabbed you and put myself between you and him for the safety of my friend: "Why are you touching me? Are you accosting me? On video?" You big, brave man. You're so, so brave. It's okay for you to commit assault, but as soon as someone stops you, you freak out about being "touched." Do you have tactile issues? Seriously. Watch all the videos, and think about how you acted. You're mom should be embarrassed.

  8. Don't phythically accotht me young, very tiny woman who is obviously threatening to a total nancy-boy like me.

    Don't phythically accotht

  9. A true impromtu emotional verbal attack at the sight of AB and therefore badly performed.

    A true lefty fool exposing himself to the world, internet is fantastic, I bet you would censor it in some way if you could, right?!

    No arguments, just accosting and indirectly insinuating a lot of things when you scream to make the other one 'seemingly' speechless, when he acctually is more like, perplexed and just trying to figure this mouth foaming mad man out.

    Facts, truth and a proper conversation with sound arguments seems not to matter to much to you, does it? Why should it when it doesn´t to the rest of the lefty nutters and your LMC ilks.

    You are a true ass clown at the proper conference, Nutroot Nation. You seem frustrated in some way, maybe because you can´t migrate to the old Mother Sovjet Russia anymore, or is it frustrationg to have someone like AB to expose you lefties for what you really are, liars, cheaters, ponzi schemer´s, and welfare taxdependant-Big Nanny-State-moralistic-fingerpointing junkies who only promotes freedom and liberty to those who thinks and acts like your lefty policies. Nice vision for a society.

    If Breitbart didn´t bothered you the least, you wouldn´t react in this way, like you did, would you? So what is it? Breitbart knows he is always right about the facts when it comes to those he is critizing or scrutinizing in his journalistic profession. You should practice the same standards. Your performance was just pathetic. Fresh out of left journalism school, or?

    There it is, my five cents for bringing down the narrative of the Left Media Complex in the greatest country in the world and acolytes like you.

    - The course of USA, is all our cause!

  10. Just watched Ryan Clayton's "interview" with Andrew Breitbart. Clayton is to news reporting what Adolph Hitler was to diplomacy and peace. How about a little more light Clayton and a lot less heat. Clayton's style of "news reporting" is best described as adolescent audacity and annoying stupidity delivered by an intellectual dropout. Well at least you are in their trying Clayton.

    Actually lets talk about what this is really about. Ryan Clayton appears to be an operative of the Obama political machine. Clayton finds Breitbart at a public meeting and harasses him with idiotic taunts and false accusations, presumably to embarrass and intimidate Breitbart from going out in public again. I hope Breitbart has thick enough skin to survive this kind of attack.

    Of course when the real coward, the "interviewer" Ryan Clayton is asked HIS name and for HIS credentials, he is unwilling to take responsibility for his tactics or comments. I hope not to see Ryan Clayton again and it is unlikely he'll show up on Fox News as a "democratic strategist" in the future with this brand of childish intimidation and lack of respect for legitimate political debate.

  11. Deranged lib Ryan Clayton leads a pack of braying leftists hounding Andrew Breitbart when he ventured into the lobby during Netroots.

    Clayton made up a story about someone who claimed to work for Breitbart and yelled racial epithets at a Muslim woman.

    Considering that no one else from AB's staff was in Minnesota that weekend, and Clayton outright refused to provide a name, witnesses, or any video evidence -- nothing whatsoever exists to support this trembling Lib's flimsy, goofball smear.

    Like most libs, Clayton is too narcissistic and lacking in self awareness to realize that his underhanded tactics only serve to confirm Andrew Breitbart's entire raison d'etre.

    Congrats, Clayton.

  12. Wow. The posts pretty much covered it already. Clayton is no pro, just a hack. Very sad demonstration. Very unprofessional.

  13. Hey, congratulations! You got the web traffic that you desperately craved. All you had to do was make a total ass of yourself. Too bad the video evidence will be preserved long enough for your offspring to see how pathetic you are.

  14. How f-ing stupid. Perfect representation of the diseased liberal mind.

  15. Here's how Breitbart eviscerated Clayton's bogus smears on national television:

    Clayton, try to step outside your own diseased mind for a moment to discern what incredible damage you have done to your cause with your goofy lies, disgusting smears and stark raving histrionics.

    For Andrew Breitbart, it was just another day at the office; mission accomplished.

  16. Clayton yer famous dude; ya even made Stossel: