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Right-Wing Rhetoric Responsible for First "Second Amendment" Remedy

When there is blood in the streets at a political event, blame demagoguery. U.S. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords from Arizona was the victim of an assassination attempt yesterday, and many others lost their lives in this domestic terrorist attack, including a nine year old child born on 9/11.

The attack was carried out by an assault-weapon wielding assassin of a currently unknown political stripe. In your heart, though, you know this gunman is from the right, whose messages he heard, and whose words his actions are a response to. The writing on the wall is now stained in blood.

On the day when the unthinkable happens, it is clear that lives have been lost for the fool’s gold of political victory. Now, the sanguine consequences of those trivial battles are forever etched into our American consciousness.

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