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10.30.10 b

Oh really right-wing? Giant corporations have a Constitutional right to pump an unlimited amount of private money into public elections, but unions that represent millions of workers should be denied the right to spend a single dollar? That contradiction is simply ridiculous. However, they are right on one point - there is a conflict of interest when companies invest in a Congressman expecting a great rate of return - and that conflict of interest is between the public interest and the interests of corporate Goliaths. These conflicts of interest are why we have campaign finance laws in the first place - to prevent corruption, graft, and improper relationships between politicians and lobbyists like Jack Abramoff and big businesses like BP & Enron. The Citizens United Supreme Court case destroyed the firewall that had been in place for a century, which will have disastrous consequences in this year's elections. We should be electing leaders in America, not letting foreign corporations purchase politicians. This is why we need to get all of this private money out of public elections and pass the Fair Elections Now Act.

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