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100 Proof Politics Press Release - 10-31-10

Sanity Prevails in US Capitol

Poll for Stewart, Colbert Rally Shows Thousands prefer Sanity over Fear by 2-to-1

Washington, D.C. – With thousands of young voters attending Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert’s “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”, a social media straw poll shows that fans of the Comedy Central sponsored event overwhelmingly prefer Sanity in their politics to the politics of Fear.

After over 10,000 votes had been cast and counted, Sanity garnered 62.3% of the vote in a landslide victory over Fear, which received a paltry 37.7%. Votes were tabulated using SMS text messages captured by a Google voice number as well as through an iPhone application created by 3Advance, LLC. Early voting was encouraged over the internet for those who could not be in attendance on the day of the rally.

“Young Americans are incredibly politically engaged and excited about voting this year, as demonstrated by the interest in Saturday’s rally and participation in our electronic straw poll,” said Ryan Clayton, creator of the online news-site 100 Proof Politics, “With Sanity much more popular among America’s youth, it is clear that the future does not look good for crazy politicians and candidates running on the platform of fear.”

By capturing the attention of the youth vote on the verge of the mid-term elections, it is likely that the Stewart & Colbert event will impel higher youth voter turn-out and potentially shift the dynamic of many close races around the country. One group from www.theBallot.org, affiliated with The League of Young Voters, passed out over 50,000 pieces of campaign merchandise to attendees promoting the “Vote Sanity” theme.

“Young people were mauling us to get their hands on Vote Sanity gear and vote by text message or iPhone app,” Co-Organizer Billy Wimsatt from the­ www.theBallot.org said after the event, “The myth of the enthusiasm gap, created by pollsters talking only to old folks on landlines, is going to be proven wrong when throngs of young people that voted for Obama get off their rear-ends and vote again in 2010.”

Leading up to the rally, two campaigns struck up online with Vote Sanity housed at both www.VoteSanity.com & www.VoteSanity.org, while Vote Fear collaborators joined forces at www.VoteFear.com and directed supporters to www.Republicorp.us. On the day of the event, the mood on the National Mall was part serious political rally and part funny Halloween party, but it was a purely patriotic and a uniquely American day.

“It was clear that Vote Sanity had the upper hand in this crowd, where sanity prevailed in our Nation’s Capitol, if only for one day.” Erica Payne, Founder of The Agenda Project, summed it up perfectly when she said, “Especially among the next generation of voters, it proved people enjoy laughing together while talking politics more than tea parties and attack ads. In spite of all the predictions, it gave me hope that Sanity has reached a tipping point and may prevail in the real election on Tuesday too.”

To learn more about this project and the results of the vote, visit www.100ProofPolitics.com.

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